[LAU] In Search of The Unicorn

Hans Wilmers hanswil at notam02.no
Mon Nov 8 13:09:35 UTC 2010

On 11/08/2010 08:55 AM, Ken Restivo wrote:
> A mythical beast, rumored to exist, but never actually seen. Others have tried,  but failed, to locate it. I now join the search. This beast is:
> 1) USB 1.0 "class compliant"-- NOT USB 2.0 -- and thus works with Linux
> 2) Is well and truly supported by ALSA.
> 3) Has FOUR outputs and 2-4 inputs, all usable from within JACK, with good professional quality DAC/ADCs. 
> 4) The outputs and inputs are balanced and applicable for low or high impedance (probably with a switch), and have TRS 1/4" jacks or XLR or both.
> 5) Does not cost an arm and a leg.
> This does not mean the FastTrack Pro! Sure it SAYS it has 4 channels, but only two are accessible from JACK. I have one and have used it for years, but I now need more outputs. And, also, the output of the "other" 4 channels is just RCAs. I need 4 channels output, USB1.0, 44.1Khz/24bit. I could use a cheap 5:1 home-theater USB fob type interface, but the sound  quality would probably suck, and it sure won't give me balanced outs.
> Does this Unicorn exist? Anyone seen one?
No, but if you can live with 48/16 instead of 24 bit, and with 
RCA-outputs, the (no longer produced) Terratec "Producer Phase24 USB" 
does the trick. I just tested this. It might just be that the Terratec 
"DMX 6Fire USB" works the same way, but somebody else should confirm that.

Btw.: Did you try the FastTrack Pro with 48/16? Choosing between 48/24 
and 48/16 also means choosing between 2 or 6 output channels on my USB 

/ Hans

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