[LAU] Plugin confused

Chip VanDan chip.vandan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 21:32:57 UTC 2010

I recently was writing up an article for my site about my experiences
with VST capabilities in Linux, mostly focused on the use of FST and
learned that there was such thing as Linux Native VST format.  I was
about to begin compiling an addendum to my article but I discovered
more.  I already knew about LADSPA and knew a little about DSSI, but
in the process I learned a little about LV2 as well.  I'm trying to
find a source that can compare all these plugin formats side by side
and cannot seem to find one, so I might have to start compiling the
project myself, but I figured I'd ask the LAU list first.  Why do we
have all these different plugin formats, and what are the differences?
 Are there any more worth mention that I haven't found yet?

Christopher "Chip" Van Dan

p.s. for those of you that don't know my site is aimed at beginners
and I just merely share my experiences without getting extremely

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