[LAU] New floss made album released, Garage Orchestra! - The decison of Don Rodrigo

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Thu Dec 8 12:12:44 UTC 2011

On 12/08/2011 04:09 AM, Atte André Jensen wrote:
> On 12/07/2011 11:25 PM, Fons Adriaensen wrote:
>> Even if the music is crap,
>> and I agree it is, he can be proud of what he has done.
> Wow. This list dislikes pop!
> I'll think hard before posting any music I make here again!

"De gustibus..." and all that.

I like a lot of what I hear from this list. I don't always find time to 
make comments, and when I do I prefer to encourage. What I don't like I 
don't feel compelled to publicly diss, though of course "to each his 
own". After 60 years on this planet I've determined that - for my part, 
at least - a little civility goes a long way. That said, the Internet is 
not my sitting room, and if someone wants to harsh someone else's 
efforts, well, that's how it is here. It's an open place.

"Take what's coming to you and get out" - Wisdom from the Blue Cliff Record.

> EDIT: I thought this list was about music/linux. Posting things here 
> made with linux is a good thing. I think it really good the production 
> quality and number of genres represented have gone up. We're a really 
> small community, why bash others effords? No-one is trying to make 
> "crap", but we're not into the same kinds of music. If I hear 
> something here I don't like, I just don't comment, why should I 
> discourage others unless I have something constructive to offer?

Since I'm in quotation mode: "The critic is good when he praises, bad 
when he blames", or so said Ezra Pound. As a teacher I find that the 
only useful criticism is constructive criticism. However, "constructive" 
can be modulated per student, and some of them can take considerably 
warmer critique than others, but if I intend any of them to improve then 
I have to consider their individual sensitivities.

Atte, I hope you'll continue to post your fine works here. Personally, 
I'm done with "pop" and "classical" and "serious" and all the rest of 
the labels that do nothing to advance my understanding of what it is I'm 
hearing. I have no idea what to call your music, but I can tell you that 
it moves me and I like it. Every work has a spirit, and I get a lot more 
enjoyment when I get into the spirit of the thing (as opposed to 
harshing it for not being what I want it to be).

re: Giorgio's original post : IMO, the only thing that sucks about the 
video is that it was made on a Mac. ;)



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