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thanks for sharing !
on your site i saw that you are using ubuntu studio.
did you have to tweak it or is it ubuntu studio OOTB ?

2011/12/9 Giorgio - Audiophilo <anomalsound at gmail.com>

> tech question : can you tell us a bit more about your workflow?
> First of all i'd like to start from a consideration: there's a big work to
> do before recording, even before placing microphones. You must have a clear
> view of the final result before starting with any operation IMHO.
> For this work i started listening to the demos and picturing in my mind
> the sound of this band, then i talked to the guys, change some song
> structure and arrangements.
> After this:
> Recording
> Drums: As you can hear from the song the drums sound a bit electronic. To
> obtain this result i placed few microphones (bass drum, snare, hi-hat, tom
> 1, tom 2, floor tom, two overheads A/B figure), this because i knew that i
> would have replaced the snare and the kick sound later so i didn't need
> great accuracy on those percussions.
> Bass: From the bass to the mixer and then sound card. Nothing special.
> Guitars: From the guitars to the mixer and then sound card. This is not a
> very common workflow, i'll explain later.
> Synths: I wrote the parts on Muse and used some soft synth and also used
> some external hard synth.
> Voice: We made a very hard work on the voice since we put many parts
> together to obtain a certain harmony. Then the singer recorded with a
> condenser microphone an at 4040 if i recall well
> Editing
> Since i wanted to obtain an overall electronic sound i wanted the
> instruments to play very "together" and tight so i did some surgical
> editing on the tracks with Ardour 2.8.11. I encountered some problem
> because it's well known that Ardour gets slow (and sometimes crashes) when
> working with many many regions. To avoid this i reduced the hystory to 10
> steps, i often consolidated regions and do some "cleanup unused regions" as
> well. I also did some voice tuning with Fons Adriansen's Jretune.
> Once everything was perfectly tight with the grid i started reamping the
> bass and the guitars.
> Reamp
> Once i had the "perfect" guitars and bass takes, i sent the signals out
> from my sound card to a reamp box (i use this one
> http://www.radialeng.com/di-xamp.htm) and then to some amps. I recorded
> them in order to have the bass amp sound summed to the direct one and to
> have "bigger" guitars obtained with different amp sounds mixed together.
> Drums Replacing
> I did some drums replacing on the bass drum and the snare using
> ladspa-trigger.
> Synths
> Once the midi parts were well defined i sent them to soft (Yoshimi,
> Nekobee, amsynth for example) and hard synths (i had this Yamaha digital
> piano a Korg 01WFD and a Roland jp 8000) and recorded them into the Ardour
> session.
> Mix
> I mixed all the tracks together using many ladspa and lv2 plugins like
> Invada, Calf and others.
> Mastering
> I exported groups of tracks from the mixing sessions and imported them
> into a new one, then i used some soft eq and external compressor.
> and also the pitfalls you encounter when using linux apps (like this app
>> is great, but when you do this/that it crashes or does weird stuff or
>> starts to 'suck real bad'
> Except for the Ardour issue explained above i didn't encounter many weird
> things.
> Hope this can be exaustive enough.
> Cheers
> --
> Giorgio Baù
> *Sound engineer*
> T.Rex Studio
> www.trexstudio.com


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