[LAU] LV2, DSSI and the future of plugins

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Sun Jan 16 16:43:57 UTC 2011

Ken Restivo wrote:
> I can't stand the whole idea of closed-source VSTs and plugins and synths.
> Yeah, I'm one of THOSE guys.
> Seriously, I'm using linux becuase of the freedom, the open source, and the political aspect of it. That's why I run it. I wouldn't bother with it otherwise.
> If I wanted to use proprietary, closed-source software, why would I even try to get it running on Linux at all?
> Taking this a bit father: if convenience, "user experience", time, availability, commercial support, etc were REALLY important, why wouldn't I just get a MacBook Pro like everyone else has, and run that?
> -ken

I'm very happy that there are closed-source VSTs and VSTi's, although 
all the ones I use are non-native using Wine. Long may this be possible.

Yeah, I'm one of those OTHER guys ;-)

To be honest, I don't use any VSTs; I've only ever used LADSPA and LV2 

Also, I'm using fewer and fewer VSTi's these days as I get more and more 
hardware. But there are some things I'll never have the money or space 
for and the only software alternative, or the best alternative (for me) 
is some VSTi.

Only one of those VSTi's was bought before I started using Linux and I 
don't use it any more as I have its successor. All the other plugin 
instruments were bought knowing that they would work using Wine and 
wine-asio. Yes, I've money invested and a bit of time to get them to 
work initially, but it's not a throwback to mythical pre-conversion days.

In fact, I've never used Windows for music-making. I tried a little when 
I was first starting out and didn't get far or get anything remotely 
serious done, but very quickly moved to Linux, first DeMuDi and then 
Ubuntu Studio. There are a number of things that attract me to Linux, 
but most of them are probably pragmatic reasons rather than ideological 
(although there are some of those).

 > If I wanted to use proprietary, closed-source software, why would I 
even try to get it running on Linux at all?

For me, it's all about running what I find to be the best (instrumental) 
tools for the job, using the best (OS and software) tools for the job. 
It's all about choice.

I hope Linux generally, and the Linux audio world specifically, never 
becomes closed off, only open to those who want it to be totally free 
and who want vigorously to maintain the purity of that essence :-)


A musical collaborator: "Lethargy, hm really? Then it will be time for 
me to get over there and just accidental idea the $h!t out of you"

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