[LAU] LV2, DSSI and the future of plugins

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Mon Jan 17 00:02:51 UTC 2011

>  I think there is (and should be) room for both commercial and open source
> projects to coexist  for linux, that way there is always the freedom to make
> the choice about what to use depending upon requirements, ideology,
> financial constraints etc.
> As a commercial developer, linuxDSP has had to go down that particular
> (commercial) road because we have significant costs associated with
> maintaining the infrastructure required to produce, distribute and develop
> the software, however, we started making audio software for linux, first and
> foremost as enthusiastic linux users - who just wanted to make some great
> tools to do what we wanted to do, and to bring them to a wider audience in a
> way that enabled us to continue their development.
> That said, we realise that although our software and applications
> themselves contain no GPL'd code, they are indirectly dependent on many
> projects (e.g. DAW applications) which may be open source, and where
> possible we support those projects and - revenue permitting - hope to be
> able to contribute some financial support back to some of those projects
> too.

The best example here, even though it has nothing to do with plugins, is
Flash. I hate flash almost as much as Jobs and Stallman but the sad truth is
that I still have to use the hunk o' junk or suffer a problematic or
inconvenient web video experience. Yes, I know there will be a number of you
who never or rarely watch streamed videos just as there are those who never
or rarely use FX or softsynths but there are people like me who want all of
these and want them working as well as possible under Linux *now* and are
prepared to put up with non-free until the day arrives when a comparable
FOSS solution exists. Hence, I fully support LinuxDSP's efforts, will likely
be purchasing their plugins soon (long story still in progress..) and would
do the same if someone released a real good LV2 softsynth if it was
reasonably priced. Unfortunately I can't afford and don't have the room for
lots of good hardware synths and as for Flash I think Linux's popularity
would've suffered significantly if Adobe didn't support Linux (for Flash at
least- I suspect Apple+MS pay Adobe not to port CS to Linux as too many
would switch if they did a good job of that ;)
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