[LAU] Made with GNU/Linux: 3m171a

Diego Simak diego.simak at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 20:04:43 UTC 2011

Thanks for your comments Julien, really appreciate it.


2011/6/11 Julien Claassen <julien at c-lab.de>:
> Hello Diego!
>  Thanks a lot for the link.
>  Beyond the fact, that this is a bit too minimalist for my taste, there are
> some nice sounds in there. but I'm not a fan of the bass drum. I've heard
> that style of bass drum in a few tracks, commercial ones with more or less
> success included. But my ears tell me it's too flat and sticky. Not enough
> kick or bite to it. What I liked about the track was the different
> processing of the sngle drum instruments. It spices up the beat and engages
> the listener, while waiting for the complete build-up.
>  Thanks for sharing!
>  Warm regards
>           Julien
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