[LAU] First release: LinuxBand 12.02 Beta

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sun Feb 12 21:24:22 UTC 2012

On Sunday 12 February 2012 22:26:50 Ales Nosek wrote:
> Hi all,
> just to introduce myself. I'm a developer mainly in C++ and Java on Linux
> platform. In my free time I like to play jazz guitar. To accompany my
> improvisation practicing I has been using MIDI files generated by MMA. To
> facilitate writing of MMA files and playing them back I created LinuxBand.
> I hope you'll enjoy it.
> Ales
> LinuxBand is a GUI front-end for MMA (Musical MIDI
> Accompaniment)<http://www.mellowood.ca/mma/>.
> Type in the chords, choose the groove and LinuxBand will play a musical
> accompaniment for you.
> It’s an open source alternative to Band-in-a-Box featuring:
>    - Easy to use graphical interface
>    - Open and well-documented data format
>    - Output to JACK Midi <http://jackaudio.org/> to facilitate co-operation
>    with other audio applications
> Home page: http://linuxband.org/
> Project page: https://github.com/noseka1/linuxband

1. smf (found by ./configure)
2. python-gtksourceview2 (found trying to run it--please test for this in 
./configure script).

1. No need to require jack for simple MIDI. Maybe allow an option here. 
(Unfortunately, my jack is not working right now so could not play anything 

2. With or without jack, need to be able to set some MIDI output device. 
Better, program should show up as an alsa/jack MIDI source which can be 
connected using jack or alsa connections such as in qjackctl. (I see no 
provision for this in mma's CLI, however--does it do stdin->stdout?)

3. You might look at Jammer's interface. The measures/bars view show chords 
and styles (plus user part names and such). There is indication of tempo 
changes, key and time signatures and such, all in place and all visible.

A lot of space is wasted here for huge chord names. Waltzes would have three 
beats per bar, program still shows four.

Jammer also has a tracks pane but leave that for the future. Nice, but mixing 
can be done elsewhere, routing through other tooks such as kmid, ardour, etc.
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