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Louigi Verona louigi.verona at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 08:48:07 UTC 2012

Hey guys,

 to drop my 2 cents into the jar of discussion, I personally see more
proprietary apps arriving, but see it in a more positive light.
First of all, as a libertarian anarchist, I do believe that people might
choose to write proprietary software and to choose proprietary
software. Proprietary software is such a problem only and only because
modern computing world basically forces it on people.

If we have some proprietary apps arriving to the fundamentally free
platform which is GNU/Linux, this will be a choice situation.
Yes, proprietary apps may have more features, but not necessarily. Yes, if
Adobe starts doing Photoshop for Linux, it is possible
GIMP will not be as prominent on Linux.

But those will now be choices. And it is obvious from what I see Rui doing
with Qtractor that it stands on its own. Bitwig does not
necessarily exclude Qtractor or Ardour, not to mention that more people on
Linux Audio might interest them in JACK and all the
stuff. Routing low-latency audio will always have a strong appeal.

And we'll also see how "piracy" works on Linux. Remember, there is no
registry here. And with the amount of hacking talent you might
very quickly see that proprietary software developers either will have to
abandon GNU/Linux or else offer something that is really
appealing and not just copy if files for lots of money.

Louigi Verona
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