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Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Wed Jan 28 16:46:12 EST 2004

iriXx wrote:
> Joern Nettingsmeier wrote:
>> Andrea Glorioso wrote:
>>> Any takers for the logo ?
>> as it happens, i'm a big fan of the lad icon, and we have worked a 
>> while to make it known to the public.
>> it's the LAD logo, but everybody is invited to use it to "show their 
>> affiliation with the LAD community". maybe we should broaden the 
>> concept to "linux audio community".
> this is the logo with the tape reel? i like this very much...

(except for the label, of course.)

iirc frank meant it as a sort of stylized audio wave coming from a sound 
source, but you are right, it looks more like a reel.

> the only problem i have is with the use of the word LAD - there are a 
> few female linux audio users and developers *gasp!* and its quite 
> aggressive to be confronted with the word LAD, especially given its 
> meaning in UK society... i find it off-putting....
i love english! :-D -----------------------+

funny you should mention that. i think nobody ever intended a pun. it 
slipped on the page because "linux-audio-dev" became tedious to type and 
read after a while. but why do you think it's aggressive ?
does "LAD" have another meaning except for guy, bloke, chap, etc.?
(i learnt english from books where gay still means happy, so you'll have 
to excuse me here...)

how about "GAL", GNU/Linux Audio Lists ? :-D

no, serious, it's not a good idea imho to let go of the LAD acronym 
since it's well introduced and widely known, but it does not have to 
play a central role here - just "LA" or linux audio is fine.



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