[Consortium] linuxaudio.org

Andrea Glorioso sama at agnula.org
Wed Jan 28 16:54:02 EST 2004

Joern Nettingsmeier <nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de> writes:

> no, serious, it's not a good idea imho to let go of the LAD acronym
> since it's well introduced and widely known, but it does not have to
> play a central role here - just "LA" or linux audio is fine.

It must be said that LAD - in the sense  of "Linux Audio Developers" -
puts all the  attention to the  developers.  Whilst I do believe  this
latter  are of the utmost importance  to spreading Libre Software into
the  audio domain, we  shouldn't forget that   the task will need many
other  competences besides coding - even  more so when  you think that
these  competences are  exactly  those Libre  Software projects always
have difficulties  attracting:   technical writers, graphic   artists,
event organizers, and so on and so forth.

While I personally  would prefer the  term  "Linux" to  be replaced by
"GNU/Linux",  this argument has  been already discussed and - although
not fully convinced by  the reasons given - I  can live with using the
name of a kernel as representative of an entire OS. :)

I would  suggest   building our effort  around  the  LA (which is  the
italian name for  the `A' note, in case  anybody cares :) acronym, and
recognize LAD (and developers)  as  a central  -  but not the  only  -
resource we need and want to work with.



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