[Consortium] Publicity etc...

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Fri Sep 17 04:57:22 EDT 2004

Hi Andrea,

>     > I'm also working with Ron Parker to compile a promotional CD
>     > of 'made with Linux' music. I've selected 15 tracks from over
>     > 900MB of Oggs and MP3s collected from the internet, and Ron
>     > is doing the mastering using Jamin at Mirror Image Studios. I
>     > hoping we'll be able to get this CD distributed as a magazine
>     > coverdisc by the end of this year.
> Maybe you  could do a CfM  (Call for Music) on
> users at lists.agnula.org, if you haven't already  - there are a
> number  of people there that are doing   experimentations with 
> doing  music  with  GNU/Linux and  Free Software

Actually it's been the decision making rather than the finding which 
has been the more difficult part. I was easily able to collect the 
tracks from various websites, but I guess there's around 15 hours of 
music there. In the end I settled for a simple formula of one track 
per artist, usually their shortest one available so that we can get a 
lot of different styles on the CD.

>     > On the hardware manufacturers liaison side, I've been talking
>     > to AMD on a  regular  basis, and we now  have  a  technical
>     > contact there for x86_64 porting issues.  Please email me if
>     > you'd  like to make contact with them.
> What is the technical contact actually going to bring?  I mean, are
> they willing to lend an x86_64 machine for testing or are they just
> answering questions

AMD has discussed the issue of hardware sponsorship - I think we 
should make a concrete proposal for that, and the AGNULA project 
would be a good candidate.

But they are also interested in helping with technical liaison on 
native x86_64 ports of music and audio software. AMD's Digital Media 
& Entertainment division works with several film and music studios in 
the US, and I'd guess that at least some of those film studios are 
using Linux already, for graphics work. 



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