[Consortium] Re: UK free software audio/video conference

Daniel James daniel at linuxaudio.org
Mon Jan 3 10:46:20 EST 2005

Hi Tim,

> it would be good to webcast it
> in a similar manner to ZKM if at all possible.

Icecast should be no problem, but you'll need a good internet 
connection to serve a decent number of streams, as it's unicast I 

> > Are you aiming to get sponsorship for this
> > event?
> Now there's a good question. Money is always the last thing I think
> about.

There are bound to be expenses. If linuxaudio.org has raised some cash 
by then for sponsorship, then this might be a good thing to spend it 
on - but that funding is by no means guaranteed.

I'm currently working on a fundraising compilation CD, but that's a 
high risk venture of course. I'm currently underwriting that project 
out of my own pocket, as well as the Sounds Expo stand.  

> I'm confident that if we
> build it they will come

Given enough promotion, I think you might be right. The important 
thing at this stage is to set a date and a venue, and stick to it. 



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