[Consortium] Consortium "Made in Linux" cover idea -> execution

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Fri Dec 8 14:37:37 EST 2006


> The subtitle is not large for a cd cover and doesn't provide strong
> contrast.
> If you are 'ashamed' of the subtitle, there just should be none.

I think it is all in the way how it is packaged. So, in other words, yes
there should be a subtitle, but not in the way it is being presented right

> Perfection in who's eye? Few designs are hold up high by a majority

"A majority" sounds good to me. Given that there have been several comments
against the current fonts/title style, mine included, I would say that would
be a valid point of reference, no?

> and even then you will find some people who dislike them.
> The cost of this is too high for me, I want to be done with it.

I truly appreciate that from your perspective. However, please also
understand that while your efforts and contributions to the consortium are
most appreciated, given that it is my job to represent the interests of
linuxaudio.org, even if you feel that your time does not allow any more work
on this project I cannot simply agree to leave something half-baked. I may
be nit-picky (probably am), but that is for two good reasons:

1) I am not the only one proposing changes that have been presented, meaning
I am doing my best to represent the community and as such serve interests of
the community as a whole
2) this design is *the* foundation for all future designs and if this one is
done inadequately (especially title-wise), that would mean all future ones
would suffer from it too.

Hence, if you feel that you do not have any more time to work on this (which
is totally understandable given that there is no tangible compensation we
can provide you with at this time other than giving you credit and our own
heartfelt gratitude for your contributions), provided you don't have any
objections, I would like to propose taking the design in its current state
which you have generously provided, and soliciting more proposals from
others who may have more time to deal with revisions and bring the project
to its favorable completion. We would, naturally, still give you credit
where credit is due. Obviously, this decision is yours and yours alone to
make, and thus it will be also respected as such.

To make things easier, we could simply treat the background image as "the
design" portion of the CD cover while text would be something static and
hence, not regarded as "part of the design." This way you would still get
the full credit for CD sleeve design without having to deal with all the
overhead of dealing with fonts, titles, subtitles, etc.

Best wishes,


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