[Consortium] linux-sound porting & documentation proposal (Was: Attracting more Linux audio developers)

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Fri Dec 15 12:14:30 EST 2006

How about we stop the seemingly endless discussion and instead all roll-up
our sleeves and actually do this?

Here's what I offer on behalf of linuxaudio.org:

1) generous hosting space
2) virtually unlimited bandwidth
3) docs.linuxaudio.org and apps.linuxaudio.org domains
4) accounts to maintainers
5) server support as needed

What we need volunteers to do:

1) port Dave's pages over into a legible and appealing format to
2) cross-link those pages to docs.linuxaudio.org page (in addition to apps
homepages) which will be a wiki with documentation templates and
standardized layout
3) need to design an appealing interface for both sites (hence consider this
an open call for volunteer designers) -- this cannot be emphasized enough:
we do not want an ugly, plain website, but a nice inviting and user-oriented
4) create a generic wikipedia entry which gives a summary, philosophy, and
notable achievements of the linux audio scene and provides critical links
(hence it would be used as a portal rather than an exhaustive resource for a
moving target which would never fly with the wikipedia editors anyhow)

On a side note, here's another offer:

As per my discussion with Joern, on behalf of linuxaudio.org I also offer
free unlimited space for porting over LAU and LAD lists to
lists.linuxaudio.org in hopes that we continue consolidating these
invaluable resources. Maintainers will be given appropriate access
privileges etc.

Any takers?

Best wishes,


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