[Consortium] problem about inclusion of Ubuntu

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Mar 21 10:26:54 EST 2006

Dana Olson wrote:

>If you want me to withdraw my project from this group, then fine.
Umm, I'd like you to remain in the group. Is that fine too ? :)

>I'll be more than happy to appease you.
Appease me instead.

>But I would at the very least
>appreciate a good reason as to why it is that a community of users has
>no right to be on board here.
IIRC there's only one reason: they smell bad. After many beers in 
Karlsruhe and Cincinnati, the Lords Of Linux Audio Software (LOLAS) 
reasoned that if someone smells bad over the Internet, they really smell 

Okay, hopefully that was at least a little funny. I read pippin's 
letter, the one jaromil linked, and it seems that at that point the 
bounties issue was moribund. If there is an issue with Ubuntu, it seems 
to have nothing to do with Dana's project. Unless its association with 
Ubuntu taints it somehow ?

pippin's letter stated an often-repeated perspective, that of a coder 
who codes open source software because he loves to. He states that he is 
not the man for running an open-source project on schedules and 
timetables. He doesn't reject the notion, he just doesn't want to it 
that way. It's his right to choose. He says he had mixed feelings about 
the disappearance of the bounties, even wondering if it might discourage 
some development incentive.

Jaromil, exactly what issue concerns you ? I ask sincerely, because 
pippin's letter was ambiguous wrt the matter of bounties. Has the issue 
evolved beyond the time of that letter ?



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