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jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Tue Mar 21 10:56:07 EST 2006

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re all,

one last mail from my side to clarify my issue:

1) i don't HATE anyone, neither here nor there. :)

2) i have nothing against African Words. it's just that I have problems
   sometimes with the way they are used by colonists owning swimming
   pools there.

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006 at 10:26:54AM -0500, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Okay, hopefully that was at least a little funny. I read pippin's
> letter, the one jaromil linked, and it seems that at that point the
> bounties issue was moribund. If there is an issue with Ubuntu, it
> seems to have nothing to do with Dana's project. Unless its
> association with Ubuntu taints it somehow ?

now i see the difference and the aim of ubuntustudio, i don't think so.

still i don't see how a documentation project about a single gnu/linux
distribution can be as significant as a linux-audio consortium member,
but maybe my perception of the consortium has to be adjusted here?

i have no problem with documentation wikis at all, neither more in
general with documentation that helps people using whatever is already
there, for a reason or another, copied in millions of silicium

still i don't think such projects, especially when still in their
starting phase, can be considered to have contributed so much to
development and dissemination of our common efforts.

> Jaromil, exactly what issue concerns you ? I ask sincerely, because
> pippin's letter was ambiguous wrt the matter of bounties. Has the
> issue evolved beyond the time of that letter ?

i was trying to be as short as possible in my mail and still would like
to be, since i am just curious about your opinions on the issue and i'm
not imposing my views of course.

i recalled the issue of bounties after mentioning that we should foster
better (equal, respectful of already existing projects, etc.)
redistribution of resources from Ubuntu in case we include it, and in
case we do it that should not be done in the form of bounties.


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