[Consortium] Logo update

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico.bukvic at gmail.com
Sun May 21 13:47:50 EDT 2006

> Lets not behave like control freaks ;)
> For bright background colours, the penguin works fine unfilled.
> Imagine it being printed on a bright blue t-shirt. Given the SVG sources,
> it would be easy enough for anyone to remove the white fill, so releasing
> only the versions with it could make sure it's used by default, without
> making black only versions impossible and putting people off by a set of
> strict rules that smell of lawyers.

Good point! However, I still believe that, since we are talking here about a
branding effort, this is not so much about being in control, but rather
about ensuring the most efficient outreach which in this case boils down to
consistency. This is especially important for a niche environment such as

Ironically, all this is moot since I love the latest proposed logos on black
background :-) .Perhaps we should provide them with the black part being
transparent so that it is more easily blended with whatever background--as a
matter of fact we could simply keep these since if they are placed against a
white background, we in effect get the current logo anyhow...

Best wishes,


> Regards,
> Thorsten Wilms
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