[Consortium] A New Blender Open Movie project : Durian

Daniel James daniel at 64studio.com
Mon Jun 15 05:56:13 EDT 2009

Hi Marc-Olivier,

> Now, it's probably too late for this years project

If the Blender team's soundtrack mixer made mix stems available, there 
could still be a linuxaudio.org remix contest. The final Durian DVD 
could be mastered with alternative soundtracks, potentially.

It would be great to have our member Harrison Consoles involved; they 
have a strong interest in film audio mixing and have also contributed to 
the Ardour project.

This contest could pave the way for a full Free Software soundtrack 
production in future. I agree that projects of this nature are a good 
way to find out what the applications really need.

I don't think the 5.1 LFE channel can be ignored, it's really essential 
in digital cinema for the Kaboom! of action movies. The current 
limitation with GNU/Linux is not necessarily the AC-3 encoding, it's 
having an automated 5.1 panning system in your software mixer. Harrison 
has a motorised and touch sensitive surround panning joystick on its 
Trion control surface. It would be nice to have an affordable USB 
version of that :-)




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