[Consortium] A New Blender Open Movie project : Durian

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Tue Jun 16 04:19:33 EDT 2009

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Marc-Olivier Barre wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Jun 2009 18:43:38 -0400, mike clemow <gelfmuse at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> i'd be willing to join the effort - if somebody else produces the
>>> content itself, i can help with mastering to surround.
>> What kind of content are they looking for?  I thought they didn't
>> advertise needing help and got someone else to do the sound for the
>> previous two films.  I'd be glad to help, where I can.  Content is
>> probably where I'd be the most help.
> Hi all,
> Some clarification on my first email : I never said they were looking for
> people, in fact they already have people for audio it seems (Jan
> Morgenstern). Looking at the content of his studio, it's certainly not a
> FLOSS-oriented choice (http://www.wavemage.com/studio-en.html)... My point
> was, why isn't the Linux Audio community involved ?

I concur that we should get involved.

I talked with Ton from the Blender foundation a year ago and he was very
 very interested in using FLOSS tools for that process. However..

> We have all the necessary tools, 

I don't think that's true. The two main remaining issues are 'good
soundfonts' especially for the Orchestra of movie soundtracks.
5.1 mixing is the second problem.

The latter is not necessarily a show-stopper. To mix-down one usually
hires a cinema dediated to mixing/mastering, with appropriate equipment.
 - At least that's what I did for the film-soundtracks I've done with LA
and the blender foundation seems to be able to afford that.

> they have ways to find people to produce
> content...

That is (or was) not the main point of Blender's goals. They want(ed) to
 push their 3D/Video engine and hiring someone who does the complete
soundtrack was much easier for them. - But that's where LA could come it ;)

> We should be able to extend those blender projects to reach
> further than only blender. Let me explain : one of the goals of those
> Blender projects is improving the functionalities of Blender by initiating
> a professional grade project and getting feedback from the artists actually
> working on it. IMHO, the Linux Audio community could greatly benefit from a
> similar process.
> Now, it's probably too late for this years project, the question is : what
> do we do for next year, how do we do that, and when do we start ?
> Opinions ? 
> Ico, do you read me ?

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