[Consortium] A New Blender Open Movie project : Durian

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 11:37:26 EDT 2009

Having had done film audio for a few months, I have to say it's a really
difficult task for free software to handle as of the current state (Ardour +
Xjadeo is not a solution).

Anyway, why not get together and provide THEM w/ content? The Blender team
wants to test their capabilities, and in order for LA to do the same, I
suggest taking the initiative first and offer something to someone instead
of waiting for an offer. I'm thinking sound design collaboration:

* Create a team (open to all LA subscribers and anyone interested in Linux +

* Finalise registrants/team members (if you don't do this and decide to make
the whole thing informal there'll be trouble later on)

* Set up a Wiki with the tasks; each member puts their name down if they
want to undertake a task (eg. sound design for character so
and so, include a README of sort documenting the software used - can be a
logbook if you want)

* Set up a VCS repo so each member can commit his work, and it can be
reviewed and edited by others if required (perhaps a core committee; decided
upon during the registration finalising stage) eg.:

----| characters/
----------| john/
----------------| voiceover/
------------------------| vo_john_fulltake-4.5.wav
------------------------| vo_john_fulltake-4.5.txt
----------------| sounds/
------------------------| Intro/
------------------------------| cs_john_introWalking-1.0.wav
------------------------------| cs_john_introJumping-0.3.wav
------------------------------| cs_john_introWalking-1.0.txt
------------------------------| cs_john_introJumping-0.3.txt
------------------------| Undefined/
------------------------------| cs_john_midwayActions-1.4.wav
------------------------------| cs_john_midwayActions-1.4.txt
------------------------| scratchingHead/
------------------------------| cs_john_introScratch-0.1.wav
------------------------------| cs_john_midScratch-0.1.wav
------------------------------| cs_john_endScratch-0.3.wav
------------------------------| cs_john_scratchingHead-logbook.pdf
----------| doe/
----------------| voiceover/
----------| mary/
----------------| sounds/
----------| jane/
----| ambience/
----------| park/
----------| factory/
----------| weirdPlaceAtIntro/
----| music/
----------| soundtracks/
-----------------| intro/
-----------------| outro/
----------| background/
----| others/
----------| diegetic/
----------| non-diegetic/
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