[Consortium] Advertising Policy - linuxaudio.org

Aymeric Mansoux aym3ric at goto10.org
Fri Apr 20 08:09:47 UTC 2012

Patrick Shirkey said :
> If anyone has any further reservations about this direction please let us
> know as I would like to proceed with this first "customer" and will need
> to migrate the subdomains to the new location first.

I find the whole discussion quite confusing to be honest. This is
probably linked to the history of the consortium and the fact its legal
status and who owns what for what purposes, and as consequence its goal,
is rather unclear.

At this point it would be helpful to make a clear distinction between
the following issues instead of using them interchangeably:

1. Sustainability of the consortium infrastructure (hardware, software
amd meatware).

2. Promotion of GNU/Linux as a creative platform.

3. Decoupling the commercial interests of some parties from the
Linux audio community.

Next to that, my personal take on advertising on linuaudio.org is that
the Net is already crippled with ads. Online marketing techniques come
with strings attached such as the general development of pervasive
tracking systems and I find rather disappointing that the consortium is
OK to offer its audience and community to such deceptive practices. 


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