[Jack-Devel] netJACK2 with two nodes

xan xan at 0l3.de
Fri Aug 19 12:57:53 CEST 2016

Am 16.08.2016 um 20:35 schrieb Fons Adriaensen:
> What do you mean by 'playing on the sender' ? I assume you are using
> something that outputs via Jack. Then you have to connect it to j2n.

> And on the receiving end you need to connect n2j, e.g. to the 

I know, this seems so clear to you, but to me it wasn`t so clear. And I couldn`t find this documented somewhere. But thanks to your comment, I think I`ve done it right.

So for the record, here`s what I did:
– start Jack on both machines using qjackctl
– run 'zita-j2n ip-of-the-reciever 7000' in a terminal on the sender
– run 'zita-n2j ip-of-the-reciever 7000' in a terminal on the reciever
– bring up qjackctl`s connections window on both machines
I want to send Ardour`s output over the network so:
– on the sender, left side of the connections window, flip ardour open and on the right side, flip zita-j2n open; drag and drop ardour`s Master/audio_out 1 onto zita-j2n`s in_1; do the same for Master/audio_out 2 and in_2; now, a line is connecting these two channels
– on the reciever, left side of the connection window flip zita-n2j open and on the right side, flip system open; connect zita-n2j`s out_1 to system`s playback_1; do the same for out_2 and playback_2

So far, so good. It worked. I get sound through the reciever`s headphones, but it`s very very bad quality, something like an ultra low bitrate. What I suspect is happening is, a lot of packets get lost and are replaced with silence (zita-nj does this, right?). I originally tried it with using wifi connection although I know it`s not supported. Because of that, I tried it using an ethernet cable. I can`t hear any difference. How can I debug this and possibly make the connection better?

> Do you mean you can't run qjackctl ? 
I`m sorry, that was a misunderstanding. I can run qjackctl.

I appreciate all your help and I`m sorry if my writing is confusing to you.

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