[Jack-Devel] advice on xruns

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sun Jul 28 14:03:57 CEST 2019

On 7/28/19 1:26 PM, liebrecht at grossmann-venter.com wrote:
> Thanks to all who participated. (Ralf Holger, Hermann)
> Huge success!
> I havent even implemented all the changes that was suggested here, but I
> now run mixbus at 64 samples @ 44100Hz with 1.5ms latency.
> Awesome beyond belief !


Do you happen to know which of the change(s) did the trick? Depending on
your system hardware it may only have been one.

> No xruns I could find for an hour now pushing it hard, and mixbus little
> red indicator stays gray, I now have no sporadic pops and there is NO
> audible latency.
> I also run a couple of plugins in mixbus, no trouble at all.
> I still have a lot to read up to implement the remainder of what you
> suggested which should improve things further.

Maybe, or maybe not, or perhaps even make things worse. -- I recommend
to make a backup or document the current state that works first.

> Please let me know to which log xruns are logged, as I want to make sure
> I catch even inaudible ones if they exist.

In Mixbus 5.X the x-run count is the number in the brackets after the
DSP load. It is displayed top-right in the status-bar (right-click on
the status bar to enable the display if it is hidden; shift+click to
reset the count).

> Latency free monitoring at last it seems and realtime playback sound.

It's not latency free; just low latency 2 * 64 / 44.1kHz = 2.9ms ~ about
1m of sound in air (similar distance of a guitar on lap to ear). There
is likely some additional systemic latency, but still it's more than
good enough for most.


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