[linux-audio-dev] Viable multi-channel audio I/O boards for Linux ?

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Fri Nov 1 12:03:00 UTC 2002

Paul Winkler wrote:

>The 1010 has word-clock sync so you *should* be able
>to run 2 of them together for 16 analog I/O, or 3 for 24; 
>i know people do it regularly under Windows, but I don't know what's 
>involved in doing that on Linux. Probably some
>black magic in .asoundrc.  

either that, or your alsa code opens both (all three, etc) and
links them like capture and playback on one card are linked. last
time this came up on alsa-devel it was claimed to work but no-
one seems to have done it yet. m-man itself seems to claim you
can link all of their ice1712-based cards this way.

paul d was a bit worried there may be a slight offset between 
starting the cards (physically, they are started sequentially)
but that would apply to the windows drivers as well.


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