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Richard Bown bownie at bownie.com
Tue Nov 5 12:08:00 UTC 2002

Regarding GUI toolkits that support accessibility directly there's some 
information about Qt attached.  Rosegarden and MusE both use Qt/KDE and 
both support softsynths through the ALSA seq interface so there might 
be some benefit in attempting to use these apps under Qt3.0 directly.


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Subject: Re: [Rosegarden-devel] Fwd: [linux-audio-dev] GUIless friendly 
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 17:54:34 +0100
From: Guillaume Laurent <glaurent at telegraph-road.org>
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On Tuesday 05 November 2002 17:01, Richard Bown wrote:
> Can KDE/Qt help with accessibility?

Hard to tell. Nothing too serious at the moment I'm afraid.



Accessibility means making software usable and accessible to a wide
 range of users, including those with disabilities. In Qt 3.0, most
 widgets provide accessibility information for assistive tools that can
 be used by a wide range of disabled users. Qt standard widgets like
 buttons or range controls are fully supported. Support for complex
 widgets, like e.g. QListView, is in development. Existing applications
 that make use of standard widgets will become accessible just by using
 Qt 3.0.

Qt uses the Active Accessibility infrastructure on Windows, and needs
 the MSAA SDK, which is part of most platform SDKs. With improving
 standardization of accessibility on other platforms, Qt will support
 assistive technologies on other systems, too. "

Now that's all nice and dandy but it doesn't say anything about what
 this "accessibility information" is, which platforms it works with,
 etc... Anyway, it will be there at some point, yes.


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