[linux-audio-dev] I have a big question about the future of horgand ...and needs opinion ...

holborn holborn at telefonica.net
Wed Jun 25 13:14:00 UTC 2003

 Hi Dave:

 Thanks for your reponse.

> That's a tough call. Perhaps for now you should consider making your
> present design as powerful as possible, without actually redesigning
> Horgand. You might later use it as a design framework for a BIAB-type
> application, utilizing a soundfont player for your audio/MIDI resource ?
> As the owner of a rack full of external MIDI gear, I hate to say this
> but it does seem like the day of the external MIDI synth is surely
> passing...

I dont want to stop Horgand, i haved plenty of fun developing, and i learn a 
lot of DSP .. and other things ... really nice, but ... last week i was 
thinking a lot about how power the sound in horgand ... and .. there is no 
way to do it if i want run horgand in a small machines. I have a synth engine 
for do it, but i need almost four sounds, one for each hand and two for 
accompaniment, and also do the drums in soundtracker way... and that needs a 
lot of CPU resources. 

And yes .... i start "gmorgan" ... using soundfount players ... really no CPU 
cost if you have a soundcard ... and we have a good soundfont synths .. 
timidity and fluidsynth. I pretend generate the accompaniment paterns reading 
Midi files, with a especific format in a easy way because is hard to do a  
drum & score editor. I dont know how to do it :-)




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