[linux-audio-dev] Guidelines for developing a music editor

Christopher Bailey chris at music.columbia.edu
Sat May 14 23:26:41 UTC 2005

Mine is extremely non-real-time though.

For live MIDI playing and hearing, I believe that the ultimate in this 
kind of thing is SCALA:


Another is Fractal Tune Smithy:


There's also Lil' Miss Scale Oven:


C Bailey

On Sat, 14 May 2005, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:

> Considering that I am late to this conversation and have failed to
> completely read-up on the entire thread, I may end-up sounding completely
> redundant. That being said :-), if you are interested in alternate tuning
> using kludge MIDI standard, you can do 2 of the following:
> 1) Get a synth that supports custom tuning and simply remaps default MIDI
> note-on/off messages to different pitches (this is less than optimal as it
> is far from an universal solution).
> 2) Get into some of the solutions written that provide you with MIDI score
> where one note is played per channel with some amount of pitch-bend applied
> to it. I would suggest looking into Christopher Bailey's LISP web-based
> script that generates such MIDI scorefiles. For more info please see:
> http://music.columbia.edu/~chris/micromidi/main.html
> Hope this helps!
> Best wishes,
> Ivica Ico Bukvic, composer & multimedia sculptor
> http://meowing.ccm.uc.edu/~ico/
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> > (I'll answer this as best I can, feel free to correct me where I'm wrong.)
> > 
> > > In the other thread you kindly provided me with some advice and links,
> > > including mentioning the MIDI Tuning Standard and OSC.
> > 
> > This seems like a very hard problem. Since your sequencer is "just
> > that: a sequencer", you'll also need plugin hosts and/or standalone
> > synths too, which understand either MIDI tuning or OSC. (One
> > OSC-driven plugin host, Om, has been mentioned already). The majority
> > of standalone synths and plugins will probably never be able to play
> > anything other than a conventional tuning, so that's a problem, unless
> > you're happy to write a few of your own.
> > 
> > (By the way, re VST, some existing synths and/or plugin hosts can host
> > VST, but again most VSTs expect MIDI or MIDI-style commands and
> > implicitly assume a conventional tuning.)
> > 
> > I'd love to see a general-purpose OSC sequencer, and I'm sure others
> > would too, so keep me informed if you're thinking of taking this
> > approach, and maybe I can help out in some way.

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