[linux-audio-dev] OSS will be back (was Re: alsa, oss , efficiency?)

Garett Shulman shulmang at colorado.edu
Tue Nov 7 14:56:52 UTC 2006

> I think Hannu annoyed a few of us by stating that ALSA is designed by 
> hackers.
> There is absolutely no question in my mind that ALSA is designed by 
> professionals.
True. However... there are definitely some hackish aspects to the alsa 
project. On numerous occasions I have found the files created by alsactl 
for my ice1712's to break from version to version of ALSA. Then I have 
to check what the mixer settings where, reset them manually, and run 
alsactl store again. Lame. The plugin infrastructure seems to often be 
variously broken... except for the sample rate & bit rate plugin... and 
perhaps dmix. I was able to get dshare working pretty well once... but 
an alsa upgrade broke that.

But... it's gratis & libre & generally works great under Jack. So... 
Thank you ALSA Team!

If you ask me... I would recommend that the alsa team drop all of the 
ambitions plugin stuff (except sampl rate & bit rate) and focus on 
building the most stable & broadly supported hardware abstraction for jack.

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