Fwd: Re: [LAD] Traverso 0.40.0 Released

andersvi at extern.uio.no andersvi at extern.uio.no
Thu Jun 14 18:08:15 UTC 2007

>>>>> "R" == Remon  <remonsijrier at gmail.com> writes:

    R> The external processing was a feature request from a user, and
    R> given the way traverso works, I stated that creating a Command
    R> class to implement the functionality was easy.  That turned out
    R> to be right, but unfortunately, I didn't get much feedback.
    R> The external processing as such is still a somewhat
    R> experimental feature, and the command has been hardcoded to
    R> sox.

    R> If there are more people who would like to see this
    R> functionality expended, please drop a note, with what exactly
    R> you want to accomplish, how, which parameters and so on.

at least two types of functionalities spring to mind:

  1) Edit the clip in question with whatever on the outside: snd,
     snd-scripts, sox...

  2) having simple access to "inserts" (while playing the track),
     interconnecting w. rt-processing through jack: SC3, jamin...


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