[LAD] Traverso, external clip processing

Remon remonsijrier at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 14:02:38 UTC 2007


Thanks for the feedback, there are some issues though, I'll try to explain.

>   1) Edit the clip in question with whatever on the outside: snd,
>      snd-scripts, sox...

OK, the new external processing dialog has the option to give whatever program 
name you want.

Most audio programs assume that the given audiofile has interlaced data in 
case of more then 1 channel, right ?

This is a bit of  a problem, since Traverso uses one file for each channel ...
Of course, this 'problem' can be fixed by merging the 2 files (in case of a 
stereo clip) into one audiofile first, and feed that as argument to sox or 
another program

However, is the effect to be applied to the 'raw' audio file, or to the clip ?

In the latter case, the clip needs first to be 'rendered', like if _only_ the 
clip is exported, with the Track gain/pan/plugins etc applied to it....?

The former case is how it is now, and I'm not sure which way is preferable...

>   2) having simple access to "inserts" (while playing the track),
>      interconnecting w. rt-processing through jack: SC3, jamin...

Ehm, I suppose this isn't really related to external processing by e.g. sox, 
and if it is, would you care to explain it in some more depth ?



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