[linux-audio-dev] promoting LAC 2007

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Mar 27 14:17:16 UTC 2007

Pieter Palmers hat gesagt: // Pieter Palmers wrote:

> They didn't express anything special during the conference. One of their 
> founders (at least I think he is) was there, and apparently he's an old 
> student of TU-Berlin, and TU-Berlin just asked.
> During the panel discussion he basically said that the "sell 
> shrinkwrapped boxes" model works pretty fine for them and that he 
> doesn't see any reasons for them to change. And I think he also said 
> that he didn't see any opportunities for open source in that field.
> Now that I write it down like this, I'm even more puzzled as to why they 
> actually sponsored. Maybe my mental recorder is somehow broken and I 
> don't remember things correctly.

As I remember what Ableton-Founder Gerhard Behles said was that he
likes running a successful business with Ableton Live as a
shrinkwrapped product, but that trying to sell shrinkwrapped open
source Linux sound software at least currently wouldn't work. And that
is something that we all basically know: Not many people would buy a
shrink wrapped Ardour when it's available as a free download. (Many
people also don't buy shrinkwrapped Ableton Live because it's
available illegally as a free download, but enough people still do.)

Regarding the sponsoring: I think, it was a nice move by Ableton to
support the LAC, even though we're not the target audience for Live
and potential competitors. But still the demo-CDs with Live on it were
gone quite fast. Maybe one day there will be a Linux version of Live,
but it's not something I particularily look forward to, as I wouldn't
use it anyways unless it gets opensource'd.

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