[LAD] [ANN] lash-0.6.0 release candidate 2

Nedko Arnaudov nedko at arnaudov.name
Tue Nov 11 15:11:37 UTC 2008

"alex stone" <compose59 at gmail.com> writes:

>> >BTW I'm surprised that you managed to connect Rosegarden trough
>> >a2jmidid. I was under impression that it needs static alsa<->jack
>> >bridges,
> I may not have explained this properly. In the pic you can see RG midi
> cabled to LS midi. Both are Alsa. I couldn't use the a2jbridge.

lpatchage cannot patch ALSA. Thus I really dont how you did that :]

>> >This indeed sounds strange. Maybe it is some bug in jackdbus patchbay
>> >code. As test, can you please check whether those audio connections
>> >appear through libjack interface, either using qjackctl or jack_lsp with
>> >-c option?
> Qjackctl confirms the  ports are cabled together. They simply don't show as
> connected in lpatchage, even with a refresh, or restart.

Can you please create simple test case for reproducing the issue?

Nedko Arnaudov <GnuPG KeyID: DE1716B0>
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