[LAD] Half speed audio playback issue

Raymond Martin laseray at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 21:50:18 UTC 2009

Hi Frank,

> Just seen this mail,
> My problem is that I export from my multi track machine running Beta 3
> to my mastering machine with beta 3 as well.
> All set at 48 K from Ardour on one to Ardour on the other.
> I then export the two track master to disk at 44k 16bit.
> The I use Audacity to make my Ogg files.
> Thing is they now seem to run to fast on both machines, and when I send
>  them by Email.
> Multi track machine has RME as sound card and inputs to my DDX at 48K
>  master
> The DDX outputs to the  master box from the Spdiff out,  this is locked I
> assume to the DDX now locked  to the RME card.
> Am I missing some changes here?
> When the ogg is emailed/played back they at a faster speed and the pitch
> goes up accordingly

Are you sure sample rate conversion was done on the sound file when saved out?
The lack of conversion would result in a faster sound file due to more data
being packed into it. I do not see an explicit sample rate conversion function
in Audacity in the menus, just project settings. Perhaps it does not work for 
you when you save.



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