[LAD] MidiSport vs. UA25

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Thu Sep 24 12:08:58 UTC 2009

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've been experimenting with MIDI control from one machine to another. I 
> checked the timing of a single note played simultanesouly by instances 
> of QSynth on both machines and was surprised to hear a very noticeable 
> flamming. I then replaced the MidiSport 2x2 with my Edirol UA25 and the 
> flamming disappeared. Both are USB interfaces, btw. MIDI routing between 
> the machines is handled by a Yamaha MJC8 and has never been problematic 
> with that box.
> So, my question(s): Is the MidiSport just poorly designed and is there a 
> further condition or module option that can correct the timing delay 
> from that unit ?
> Best,
> dp

Very interesting!

Are you sure that it is just delay? I've got disastrous jitter with my 
Swissonic USB device. I would be happy if it's caused by the Swissonic 
device. I couldn't check if MIDI would have no jitter when I use the MPU 
of the Envy24 of my TerraTec EWX 24/96 sound card, all circuits I tried 
on a BreadBoard failed and I also didn't test any other interface.

For me it's good news that one of your USB devices fails, while the 
other is fine ;). It gives me hope that just the Swissonic USB device is 


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