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Thu Feb 11 15:01:26 UTC 2010

Hi all,

A new position has come up at Canonical (ubuntu) for a sound software
Details are below. You can apply online from here

Job Title:  Ubuntu Desktop Sound Engineer
Posting Date & id: February 2010 UDSE
Job Location: Your home, given appropriate facilities including broadband
Reports to: Ubuntu Desktop Team Manager
Job Summary: We are seeking a Desktop Integration Engineer to play a key
development and integration role on
the Ubuntu Desktop Team ­ one of the technical teams that makes up the
Ubuntu Platform Team. As part of the
core Ubuntu team, the Engineer will work on a broad range of technical
tasks: including feature planning,
packaging, integration,bug­fixing and maintenance. The successful candidate
will ensure a first class user
experience by packaging,  bug fixing and development of Pulseaudio and
related sound technology and
applications. Strong communication and relationship skills are as important
as superb technical skills in this role,
as the successful candidate will be responsible for process communication
and coordination between Ubuntu and
external partners, as well as ensuring commonality of purpose and technical
approach. This job involves
international travel several times a year, usually for one week.
Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
         Take on primary maintenance of some components of the Ubuntu
Desktop, covering sound related areas.
         Engage in bug­fixing work across a wide variety of components of
the Ubuntu platform.
         Assist   in   pre­release   testing   of  Ubuntu,  taking
personal   ownership   of  problems   and   driving   them  to
         Collaborate with other teams in the Ubuntu community and with
upstream developers where appropriate,
         to make sure that Ubuntu includes the very best in free software
and that our goals are taken into account
         by other projects.
         Work directly with OEMs or in conjunction with the Canonical OEM
team to address customer needs on
         aggressive time lines.
         When necessary, respond to and work to resolve issues raised by end
users and commercial support


Required skills and experience:
         Familiarity with open source development tools and methodology,
especially those in common use for
         Ubuntu and Debian package maintenance.
         Strong understanding of the make­up of a modern GNU/Linux
         Strong interests and experience with a variety of the software that
makes up the core of Ubuntu.
         Strong interests and experience with Pulseaudio, Alsa, and other
sound related technology and
         applications on Linux.
         Capacity to learn quickly about new systems and techniques.
         Hands­on experience with concepts of agile development and lean
software engineering.
         Deep understanding of, and extensive use of, desktop operating
systems; especially the GNOME and
         KDE platforms.
         Excellent English communications skills.
         Excellent online communications skills, including IRC, email, and
other online venues.
         Ability to be productive in a globally distributed team through
self­discipline and self­motivation,
         delivering according to a schedule.
  Ability to collaborate in real time with team members in Eastern US and
European time zones.
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