[LAD] X Window Midi Arp Toy

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Thu Feb 11 17:25:38 UTC 2010

On 11/2/2010, "Dave Phillips" <dlphillips at woh.rr.com> wrote:

>james morris wrote:
>> Just one or two questions as there's no response to this from the three
>> lists I've sent it to. I'm just being impatient, but not critical of
>> the lack of response, and seeking some feedback about similar existing
>> systems if any (which is something I'd not put as much consideration
>> into when I originally posted this).
>Funny thing: My next article for LJ is going to be about arpeggiators
>and performance loopers. Here's the list for review so far:
>SooperLooper - http://essej.net/sooperlooper/
>Kluppe - http://kluppe.klingt.org/
>FreeWheeling - http://freewheeling.sourceforge.net/
>LoopDub - http://loopdub.sourceforge.net/
>QMidiArp - http://alsamodular.sourceforge.net/
>  QMidiArp commands -
>Hypercyclic - http://www.mucoder.net/hypercyclic/

Hypercyclic looks interesting, but I couldn't get anything out of it.

>Arpage - http://sourceforge.net/projects/arpage/

What I'm thinking is not along the lines of any of those. But some
interesting ones there I was not aware of. Sooperlooper is one I have
used but certainly not mastered.

>I plan to add your app to the list, if you don't mind.

I'm not sure it's suitable. It's only a BASH script at the moment, and
a long long way off becoming an app. But try the script, and you be the
judge of whether you add it to the list. The script is more of a toy,
but I'd like to develop the 'concept' into an application - which
involves delving into areas which are new to me as a developer.

>Anyone know of other similar apps for Linux ?
>> Is this the type of thing which Pure Data and other graphical/audio
>> programming tools can do fairly readily? PD is something I've never
>> used and so am not aware of what can be or has been done with it. Are
>> there implementations of this type of thing in PD etc?
>Umm, actually I think there's nothing that can't be done with Pd. ;)
>Frank Barknecht can say for sure if it's possible.

>> Would creating an standalone app in C/C++ therefor be a waste of time?
>> I've several ideas about what such an app would look like, and what
>> further functionality could be developed using this concept (ie scales,
>> split windows, choords, patterns, etc).
>> To me this seems like a good idea for a sequencer/arpeggiator with a
>> (very?0 different approach and I still think it has potential. Prove me
>> wrong if you will.
>A standalone app with GUI would be a Good Thing, IMO.
>I haven't tested your script yet, James, but it is in the queue. :)

Do please take a look at the text file accompanying it, it will give
hints about what to expect and under what conditions it best operates.




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