[LAD] CUDA implementation for calf

Max Tandetzky max.tandetzky at uni-jena.de
Mon Oct 4 11:51:07 UTC 2010


I am new here, so I hope this is the right place to talk about what I 
want to do.
I want to make a CUDA implementation of the algorithms from the 
calf-plugins. On the front end there should be placed a button (or 
something else) to (de-)activate the CUDA support. I have already 
written a jack-program (which makes some simple changes on audio data) 
using CUDA. It works good and at a first sight the performance looks 

I have read a part of the mailing list archive and found out that there 
already was a discussion about audio processing with CUDA. I know there 
are some reasons for not using CUDA like the duty to use the proprietary 
Nvida driver, the limitation that only people who have an Nvidia card 
will have a benefit and so on. But the CUDA implementation may show 
which performance can be reached and may beuseful for Nvidia users 
I know there is OpenCL but it is not as sophisticated as CUDA at the 
moment, will have less performance than CUDA and I do not have the time 
to learn OpenCl at the moment (but the project has to be finished soon). 
I heard it is not too much work to transfer existing CUDA code to OpenCl 
code later (assuming there is already an OpenCL implementation for all 
CUDA functions which were used).
So I want to do this with CUDA.

At the moment I have some questions:
1. Is there anybody has already done or is doing something like this?
2. Where can I get information to make any specific changes on the calf 
code? (I examined it a bit but it will take time to understand the 
structure of the program when I only have the code, especially the part 
for the GUI seems to be conceptualized a bit more complex.)

It would be nice if I can get some help here.


Max Tandetzky

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