David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Mon Nov 14 16:38:03 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-11-14 at 10:11 +0000, Harry van Haaren wrote:
> I've concidered using it in a couple of my projects, there were two
> main reasons for me not to use it:
> 1. Its more than I need, and more than I understand: While it seems a
> fantastic library, I only needed x-thread communication so it was
> overkill for the goal at hand. (That said, I long for some of its
> features now... :)
> 2. Its licence. I don't know what I want to do with the project I'm
> working on once its done, partial release, GPL release, name it. So
> using any GPL library is a no-go for me atm.

If you want to use it but the license is a problem, I can be convinced
to change it to LGPL3+.  I simply default to GPL (as IMO everyone
should) in the absence of specific arguments why that is not best in a
given scenario.

It never hurts to ask ;)

> That said, the library seems a lot more feature complete than the
> current code I have for the same functions, so there's something to
> say for the efforts Dave Robbillard put into the library. Also in my
> experience of librarys DR they're of high standard and I found no
> bugs.

Why thank you :)

(Raul does have some dusty corners, though)


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