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> I think most modern apps use middle mouse button today for midi
> connection. Laptops witch didn't have a middle mouse button often even
> didn't have a midi in connection so there is nothing to loose. 
> And, for that case one can provide a midi table to choose connections
> from.
> A click to "go here", seems on the other hand like a bad Idea for me.

So there are a few options for middle mouse:

a. it does not exist since we have 2 button mouse
b. it does, or is emulated and implies 'jump to here'
c. it does, or is emulated and implies 'post pop-up to request value'
d. it does, or is emulated and implies 'MIDI CC Register'

That probably needs to be voted on to see what is generally implemented. 
It might also make sense to post on LAU and see what people generally
anticipate, as ever there can be disconnects between users and developers.

Out of interest, how many apps respect mouse buttons 4 and buttons 5 for 
scroll up/down? This is the middle-mouse-wheel, it should at least be part of 
the proposal, then perhaps also with 'Control', and 'Shift'?

> Most time you have a underling adjustment witch have a much wider range
> then the screen counterpart (the controller) represent so that it is
> impossible to click on a point and get the wonted value. 
> But overall, a agreement about the different use cases of controller
> keys will be very fine and useful for the Linux Audio World.
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