[LAD] [ann] petri-foo 0.1.86 fix

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Thu Aug 2 10:23:58 UTC 2012

Hello again,

Seems like only five minutes ago we last sp0ke!?

Have to say I am sorry for the pretty majorly catastrophic show
stopping bug in Petri-Foo's Non Session Manager support.

You know the one, the one which made it not work when you first tried
it out and thought "huh well that's a bit crap it doesn't even bloody

Luckily, as well as being trivial to overlook while testing it was also
trivial to fix.


rest beggars,

On 30/07/12 James Morris <james at jwm-art.net> wrote:
>Petri-Foo, the fork of the soft-sampler known as Specimen, has a new
>release, 0.1.85, available:
>This new release brings two and a half new features with it:
>(1.0) Non Session Management support
>(2.0) 'Full Save' functionality
>(2.5) Import
>(1.0) NSM support can only be built if the system has liblo installed.
>      If liblo (the lightweight OSC implementation) is _not_ installed
>      petri-foo will be built _without_ NSM support.
>(2.0) "Full Save" functionality increases the portability of
>      'dish files'. A dir is created (the bank dir) containing the dish
>      file along with symlinks to external samples used. the bank dir
>      can then be archived using `tar -h`.
>      To use full save, just select 'full save as' instead of 'save as'
>      from the file menu. Selecting 'save' will do the right thing
> after doing so.
>(2.5) The import function is very self explanatory: it loads a dish
>      without deleting the existing patches.
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