[LAD] Kontakt sampler format (and others like EXS24)

Florian Schirmer florian.schirmer at native-instruments.de
Sat Sep 1 21:05:25 UTC 2012

Hi Emanuel,

On 01.09.2012, at 15:39, Emanuel Rumpf <xbran at web.de> wrote:

> 2012/8/31 John Rigg <ladev at jrigg.co.uk>:
>> Thanks for taking the initiative on this.
>> The lack of high quality samples usable on a Linux system has been quite a problem.
> What, more closely, is a "high quality" sample (today) ?
> Is it very different, from what it was ten years ago ?
> If yes, why did it fit  formerly, but not today ?
> Have our ears eventually improved  within that time-period ?

The technical possibilities have changed quite a bit. In the early Kontakt days shipping a library was all about sample file quality. The bigger (size file) the library was, the better the quality. Today the quality almost entirely depends on the programming of the instrument you buy together with the samples. The capabilities (scripting, effects, etc) of the sample engines have completely changed the instrument building process.

At the same time the user interface got more and more important. You no longer need to be a real hardcore musician to get decent results. Less parameters tailored to the current instrument, presented in a much nicer way help the users to tweak the sounds to their needs without the risk to mess the whole thing up.

So just looking at the sample not much has changed, but looking at the big picture then it is a completely different world.


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