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Thu Feb 28 09:16:20 UTC 2013

Hi Jonathan, Jeremy, Patrick,
We are testing a lot webRTC of course! it's seems one of the main  
amazing AV web developpement because of html5 being such easy and  
great, should we say futur standard or is it already one?
Also do you think html5 and the work of access local and display could  
be implemented without webRTC with getUserMedia(, createObjectURL? and  
for example only use the audio... I am watching the conference at the  
moment, mayeb she have the answer?!!
I am wondering if we could also combined gstreamer+html5 (or other  
audio good floss software) on a server...
So for you webRTC is THE solution for AV web based project alternative  
to red5 and flash? Is anyone have tested anything using python or java?

thank for your answers!



>> On 02/26/2013 11:40 PM, APO33 wrote:
>> > The idea is that the final user will stream his sound and video with his
>> > browser and everyone could see/hear him and do the same via their browser.
>> Did you already take a look at the possibilities of WebRTC?
>> http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/webrtc/basics/
> There was also a presentation by Silvia Pfeiffer at linux.conf.au about the
> use of WebRTC to do non-centralised video conferencing.  It was at 10:40 in
> MCC3 on Wednesday if you are looking at the program at
>   http://lca2013.linux.org.au/programme/schedule
> At some point the videos and slides will be linked to this, but in the
> meantime the abstract can be found here:
>   http://lca2013.linux.org.au/schedule/30040/view_talk?day=None
> The video is currently available at
> http://mirror.linux.org.au/linux.conf.au/2013/ogv/Code_up_your_own_video_conference_in_HTML5.ogv
> or other formats (webm, mp4) at
>   http://mirror.linux.org.au/linux.conf.au/2013/
> Regards
>   jonathan

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