[LAD] Open-source Band-in-a-Box replacement

Michael Niemeck michael at niemeck.org
Tue Jun 25 13:14:15 UTC 2013

No, not the umpteenth person looking for one. I want to actually set  
out to try and build one. I'm still in the early stages of scoping,  
architecturing and prototyping (read: not ready to share anything  
yet), but still there's a few questions I would like to get feedback on:

1) Would there be any demand for such an open source initiative at  
all, or is everyone seriously needing this type of application using  
The Real Thing anyway?

2) Would anyone be interested in collaborating? The core and GUI code  
are not really suitable for collaborative development (yet), and  
anyway not the real issue (although I'm open to any suggestion and/or  
wishes regarding the user experience). What the project _does_ need  
however in order to get serious at some point, is a lot of brains put  
into the actual music creation routines, which I'm designing from the  
start to be easily contributed to. It's in Java and I'm trying to put  
in as much convenience methods as possible, so a lot of programming  
know-how is not really necessary to contribute. What I'd rather need  
is people with a lot of musical know-how, like voicing theory or  
in-depth style knowledge, and just enough formal thinking to be able  
to put their ideas into some form of algorithms (if Java is a problem  
I'm willing to accept any for of pseudo-code as well...).

3) Is this the right place to ask? (Probably should have put this as  
1)...). Seriously, if you have any suggestions where else I might put  
this up, please let me know as well.

If there are some 'yes's out there, I'll be happy to post more information.



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