[LAD] Software sound

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Thu Aug 28 15:42:23 UTC 2014

On Thu, 2014-08-28 at 14:52 +0100, W.Boeke wrote:
> You didn't really read my post didn't you? You are slghtly off-topic,
> it reads like the catalogus of a keyboard shop. Look at the name of
> this forum. Linux: that is about software. Developers: that 
> are people interested in creating something new, not in purchaging all
> kinds of gear.

What I wanted to point out is, that one feature for virtual Linux synth
is missing, that could do what you are looking for. By joystick, mouse
and/or touchscreen provide to record mix sequences of sound volumes,
(de)tuning, to manipulate filters, effects and/or the arpeggiator and
let this mix become part of the sound that is stored to a preset.
Yoshimi would be a good candidate to add such a feature.

My point is, that there are already good solutions provided by old synth
and by proprietary virtual synths for other OSs. You could adapt it and
provide this for Linux, use a synth like Yoshimi, use the available
sounds and let users make new sounds by using mouse, joystick and/or
touchscreens, just by recording mix sequences that manipulate the volume
or a filter etc.. "Vector" thingies like this could provide amazing
sounds and are available since the 80th for stand alone synth,
proprietary virtual synth adapted this. I'm not aware that there are
virtual Linux synth providing it. To generate a new sound by what ever
synthesis needs knowhow and some effort, using existing sounds and
manipulate them using a joystick or similar is easy to do. 


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