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> On Tue, Jan 07, 2014 at 12:32:02AM +0100, Dominique Michel wrote:
> > ... mainstream physics doesn't validate Evans' theory (as it
> > didn't validated Galileo's theory at his time)
> That is one of the most intellectually dishonest analogies I've
> seen so far. Galileo's theories were not rejected by fellow
> scientist - those who repeated his observations tended to agree.
> He was silenced because he undermined the teachings of the
> Catholic Church.
> No such thing happened to Evans. His theories were discredited
> because his argumentation contained mathematical errors. These
> have been published and can be verified by everyone who cares.



"Correcting a former proof of M.W. Evans it is shown that his O(3)
hypothesis is not Lorentz invariant and hence no law of Physics. "


"We comment on the recent article of M.W. Evans, "Spin Connection Resonance
in Gravitational General Relativity", Acta Phys. Pol. B {38}, 2211 (2007).
We point out that the equations underlying Evans' theory are highly
problematic. Moreover, we demonstrate that the so-called ``spin connection
resonance'', predicted by Evans, cannot be derived from the equation he
used. We provide an exact solution of Evans' corresponding equation and
show that it has definitely no resonance solutions."


"The names tetrad, tetrads, cotetrads, have been used with many different
meanings in the physical literature, not all of them, equivalent from the
mathematical point of view. In this paper we introduce unambiguous
definitions for each one of those terms, and show how the old miscellanea
made many authors to introduce in their formalism an ambiguous statement
called `tetrad postulate', which has been source of many misunderstandings,
as we show explicitly examining examples found in the literature. Since
formulating Einstein's field equations intrinsically in terms of cotetrad
fields theta^{a}, a = 0,1,2,3 is an worth enterprise, we derive the
equation of motion of each theta^{a} using modern mathematical tools (the
Clifford bundle formalism and the theory of the square of the Dirac
operator). Indeed, we identify (giving all details and theorems) from the
square of the Dirac operator some noticeable mathematical objects, namely,
the Ricci, Einstein, covariant D'Alembertian and the Hodge Laplacian
operators, which permit to show that each theta^{a} satisfies a well
defined wave equation. Also, we present for completeness a detailed
derivation of the cotetrad wave equations from a variational principal. We
compare the cotetrad wave equation satisfied by each theta^{a} with some
others appearing in the literature, and which are unfortunately in error. "

Compare and contrast for interesting sociological effect, if you will, to
the treatment received by Galileo.
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