[LAD] [LAU] Release: New Session Manager Version 1.3

Filipe Coelho falktx at falktx.com
Thu Jun 18 12:34:09 CEST 2020


On 18/06/20 10:17, rosea.grammostola wrote:
> Quite a hijack...
> No credits to the original author in the release announcement, which 
> is quite disrespectful. He did finally solve the session management 
> problem on Linuxaudio with Non-Session-Manager after several attempts 
> by some serious skilled programmers.

Fair point. We did mention that it is based on the NON stuff, but not 
Jonathan's name. Sorry for that, it was not intentional.

The "highjack" had to be done though, otherwise NSM would simply go 
nowhere. You even say yourself "I understand in some way that a fork is 
a logical consequence".
We were very sad that the toxicity around one person was causing such 
harm to such great tool.
In order to make NSM a real thing for linuxaudio (that is, not simply 
used by a tiny few users and apps), we *need* to get the community involved.
To quote Jonathan himself:

 > Progress will not happen on its own. It must be forced along by 
individuals of power, wisdom, and vision; which we should all aspire to 

> Release around midnight Europe time.
> Very classy guys.

Why is release time important there? (serious question)

We released after we had everything ready. And since we usually work on 
these things past official work-hours, that meant late in the day.
I don't see how this changes anything, or tells anything about the 
status of the project.

> Disappointing.

Might seem so from your point of you, but we tried, many many times to 
get everyone to work together here.

After being treated like shit and being told to just "deal with it", 
also seeing developers refusing to implement NSM precisely because of 
this toxic situation, we just felt that we needed to do something about it.

NSM has been released for many years now (7 perhaps?) but still only a 
tiny amount of standalone applications support it (and those that do, 
sometimes do it in a broken way).
We want to change this, but there is no way this could happen if 
NSM-related bugfixes get ignored, questions unanswered for years, and 
developers shouted at for trying to fix things themselves.
I personally appreciate everything Jonathan has done so far for the NON 
project, but he actively hurts it in the way he manages it.

In any case, one of the goals of new-session-manager is to be 
backwards-compatible as much as possible.
So users with the original NON version will still benefit by the 
(hopefully) growing amount of applications that will come to support it.

PS: do not take this personal please, it is not. and please do not 
top-post, thanks

> On 6/17/20 11:52 PM, software at linuxaudio.org wrote:
>> Linuxaudio.org presents: New Session Manager Version 1.3
>> New Session Manager (NSM) is a tool to assist music production by 
>> grouping standalone programs into sessions. Your workflow becomes 
>> easy to manage, robust and fast by leveraging the full potential of 
>> cooperative applications.
>> It is a community version of the "NON Session Manager" and free in 
>> every sense of the word: free of cost, free to share and use, free of 
>> spyware or ads, free-and-open-source.
>> You can create a session, or project, add programs to it and then use 
>> commands to save, start/stop, hide/show all programs at once, or 
>> individually. At a later date you can then re-open the session and 
>> continue where you left off.
>> All files belonging to the session will be saved in the same directory.
>> New-Session-Manager is already included as binary package in 
>> Archlinux and KXStudio and will eventually replace 
>> Non-Session-Manager. You can find the source release on Github:
>> https://github.com/linuxaudio/new-session-manager/releases/tag/v1.3
>> Bullet Points
>> * Drop-In replacement for the non-session-manager daemon nsmd and 
>> tools (e.g. jackpatch)
>> * Simple and hassle-free build system to make packaging easy
>> * Possibility to react to sensible bug fixes that would not have been 
>> integrated into original nsmd
>> * Stay upwards and downwards compatible with original nsmd
>> * Conservative and hesitant in regards to new features and 
>> behaviour-changes, but possible in principle
>> * Keep the session-manager separate from the other NON* tools Mixer, 
>> Sequencer and Timeline.
>> * Protect nsmd from vanishing from the internet one day.
>> * The goal is to become the de-facto standard session manager for 
>> Linux distributions
>> Changes since non-session-manager v1.2 (2017-07-08)
>> * Rebranding to "new session manager"
>> * Upstream GUI tools "non-session-manager" and "nsm-proxy" converted 
>> to standard FLTK instead of a custom toolkit
>> * New message /nsm/gui/session/root raises NSM_API_VERSION_MINOR from 
>> 0 to 1 (1.0 -> 1.1)
>> * Changed build system to meson
>> * License upgraded to GPLv3
>> * Simplified file structure
>> * Fix compiler warnings.
>> This is a joint release from multiple people under the linuxaudio.org 
>> "brand".
>> https://github.com/linuxaudio/new-session-manager
>> Greetings,
>> dvzrv, falktx and nils
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