[LAD] READ THIS IF YOU CARE ABOUT FREEDOM! Fwd: [LAA] Non DAW release including Non Session Manager (i.e. the real NSM)

David Runge dave at sleepmap.de
Fri Jan 29 16:49:06 CET 2021

Dear Jonathan,

I am writing to you to let you know that I will hereby remove you from
this mailing list and permanently ban you from it as well.

We do not tolerate attempts to start a flame war and we also do not
tolerate ad hominems.

However, you are of course free to send a release note to the LAA
mailing list, if it indeed contains information regarding a release and
is not used as a platform to discredit and insult other members of this
Your previous message was not a release note (no links to a release) but
was instead used as an attempt to flame. This is not acceptable and was
therefore rejected.


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