[LAT] 2.6 stable

aymeric mansoux aymeric at goto10.org
Thu Aug 21 09:52:22 EDT 2008

Hey Daniel,

>> and will switch to karsten's soonish. And this will 
>> also be the default p:d kernel for the next liveCD
>> release, as it seems 25 and 26 are too dodgy at the moment.
>> If all goes well, we could use this kernel config as a basis for a
>> common effort to build a LAT kernel
> I'm very much in favour of that, because it means we can bring our  
> combined resources and communities to the quality assurance process.


> Having a reference implementation of the kernel might also help us to  
> work with audio hardware manufacturers, because it would enable us to be  
> definitive about whether a particular piece of hardware was supported or  
> not, and apply fixes where required. For example, we used to be able to  
> say that M Audio devices were generally supported, but the newest  
> hardware revision of the Delta range is problematic with current ALSA,  
> and the new M Audio multichannel USB 2.0 interfaces are not class  
> compliant either.

Yes, that's a good point.

Also from the user side, we have so many common needs and overlapping
interests, I'm convinced we can all work toward a unified audio/video kernel 
config (or set of configs) and provide builds for different architectures 
and distros.

This would simplify a lot things, and combine indeed our too many local and 
isolated efforts.


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