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Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Aug 23 07:20:28 EDT 2008

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aymeric mansoux wrote:
> Daniel James said :
>>> Are there intention for a [regular] /meeting/ (IRC)?
>> I don't think we need that yet, unless a formal team is organised. I  
>> could be wrong about that though ;-)
> I agree, let's start it slowly and see how it goes. 
> Concerning the directory structure, we use that for p:d:
> http://code.goto10.org/projects/puredyne/browser/live/kernel

I like that trac ;)

> a rather simple
> kernel version
>  `- config
>  `- patches
> maybe good enough for now?

yes, then this will become a /project/ by itself (not related to
kernel-git) and we may want add one folder depth:


eg. 2.6.26 -> -> config & patches

> in terms of who is pushing what to who, I would not mind dropping the
> kernel folder we have on our SVN and only work from one type of repos. 
> So, that means we would push stuff directly to the/a LAT git.
> It doesn't make much sense to maintain 2 different type of repos for
> that (SVN and git). What do you think Karsten? It's gonna be a pain to
> move data from p:d SVN to a LAT git and back everytime we have a new 
> config commited I think.

git can import export from/to svn. It's actually very easy to use both
in parallel.

If you get the upstream kernel via git; you can get a /tagged vanilla/
and configure some /git-remotes/ to just pull in patches from
linuxaudio.org or wherever. - if
http://www.google.com/search?q=git+kernel+howto is not enough, we can
collect some /quick-start/ git command-lines on the wiki.

I'm running a trac with git backend elsewhere; and may just replicate
that on linuxaudio.org. We're not actively fixing bugs, but the
ticketing system may come in handy for quality control. - Well there's
also mantis, flyspray, etc. and *this* mailing list..  We'll also need
to think how to share content and accounts for these services.
(personally I'm pushing openID, oAuth, SSH-KEYs; and WikiRPCInterface2 )

> If we need non LAT generic config, we can always have distro
> specific config files in another LAT git or in a subfolder, etc ...
> We might have to experiment for a little while anyway, until we have
> some workflow and structure that everyone is happy with :)

sure, learning by doing..

have a nice weekend,
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